"Wade has curated workshops that are easy to understand and beneficial to every family."

- Redegades Customer

How to keep your family secure from cybersecurity attacks.

Join Redegades Founder and Speaker, Wade Wyant, for a short example of his workshop.

Wade Wyant started Redegades with the vision of protecting families in this digital world. During a long flight, he created the 7 Layers of Maturity to help explain cybersecurity to families. In 2021 he started Redegades with the mission of protecting families and securing their futures. Our hope is that we can help secure your family.

With all the risks of being online, some people may choose to opt out of this digital world and everything going on around us. We believe opting in is the more feasible solution, so let's get started on this journey.

Workshop Overview

There are various workshops that Redegades offers.

Each workshop will help families consider their vulnerabilities,  cybersecurity hygiene, and behavior.  We will as well help you come up with a plan to implement at your home.

One hour presentation on cybersecurity best practices and the Redegades platform. (approximate one hour)

One hour presentation with unlimited Q&A time. (approximate two hours)

One hour presentation with Q&A and a one hour workshop. (approximate three hours)

Full day cybersecurity workshop for focused on family security.

Redegades Workbook & Platform

Introduction to Redegades

Enjoy a short introduction of how Redegades began and description of each of the 7 layers of maturity.

7 Layers of Maturity

Each layer of maturity has exercises and educational information for you and your family to implement today.

Redegades Recommendations

The 7 layers of maturity all include recommendations for you and your family as you tackle the cybersecurity world.

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