Your Identity

With data breaches from Equifax, Facebook, Flagstar Bank, Marriott International, and numerous other large companies, much of people’s private information is now in the hands of cybercriminals and being sold on Tor, the network criminals often use because it allows anonymity.

They purchase large batches of information, and use it in their cyber warfare. Cybercriminals can then take your stolen identity and apply for jobs, credit cards, tax refunds, medical benefits, gas, water, utilities, and any other benefits in your name. Plus, if they commit a crime, isn’t it easier to just provide your name and social security number?

For instance, “If the identity thief gets arrested for . . . [a] crime and gives your Social Security number to law enforcement, you’ve become tangled in their criminal history.”8 You might never know that your personal information has been used by a criminal until you apply for a job and are denied because you can’t pass a background check.

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