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Wade Wyant

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  • Seven layers of cybersecurity
  • Securing your family’s cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity threats/attacks, and protecting highly targeted individuals from cybersecurity threats

I am the founder of Redegades, a tech startup. Our purpose is to protect families from cybersecurity threats. I’ve spent over 20 years as an entrepreneur developing startups and improving the security of businesses. My primary roles have been to lead, to govern and to develop new technology.

My former tech company focused on meeting the cybersecurity needs of major corporations and government agencies. My previous leadership roles in this cutting-edge cybersecurity firm provides me with the knowledge and experience to protect families, especially those that are being targeted because of their high security risks.

Families with a high public profile or high net worth are more frequently targeted by cybercriminals, and Redegades is uniquely poised to meet their needs. As a company, we are passionate about protecting families.


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